Stainless Steel Levels

Stainless Steel Kerbs

Stainless steel kerbing is the perfect solution for creating a barrier between the wall and the floor, ideally suited for installation in food factories, and any other industrial buildings, where a high level of hygiene is paramount. Installed kerbs can be infilled with concrete to offer protection at the base of walls to resist impact damage from trolleys, mobile bin units and pallet trucks.

Double sided

Can be supplied in either 2mm or 3mm thick stainless steel, and are profiled on both sides. Predominately used for sectioning an area into different rooms. Once secured and backfilled, wall panels can be installed to form the room. Various corner pieces and stop ends are available to suit.

Single sided

Can be supplied in either 2mm or 3mm thick stainless steel, and a profiled on exterior wall. They are then filled with concrete. This again allows the wall panels to be built on top.

Clip on Kerbs (Retro Fit)

For pre-existing walls, commonly used in refurbishment situations. Clip on kerbs can be attached to a fixing plate on existing clad walls.


We can supply a range of stainless steel drainage for both internal and external usage, either from our standard range or manufactured to client specification.

Channels, Gullies (with filter baskets and gratings to suit)

Channels are supplied with built in falls as standard, can be single contained, mainly for use in the leisure and food and beverage industries or double contained for use in the chemical industries. They are supplied with a range of gullies and filter baskets to accommodate varying flow rates, and gratings are designed to cope with loadings from a 1 tonne pallet truck to 4 tonne forklift trucks.

Access Covers

Access/manhole covers are supplied in 3 standard sizes but can be fabricated to any dimension. They are designed to be filled with material to match the surrounding floor finish—Concrete, resin or tiles. They come with a double seal as standard but are also available with a single seal or a triple seal. They have 2 lifting points and these can be modified to also become locking points. They can be supplied with enclosed fire-rated insulated panels if requested.


Bump rails, skirtings and wall guards.
Bump rails systems come in a variety of styles to suit the clients preferred choice. Our range covers various diameters and can come with hidden sleeve fixation or typical base plate cover cowl detail. The floor mounted version helps with surfaces that are not suitable for wall mounting.

The tubular bump rail is typically supplied with turned down ends. Long runs can be accommodated with internal hidden joiners for assembly on site. Alternatively, base plates can be surface mounted with the bolt fixed base plate hidden with a stainless steel cowl.

Corner guards are designed for areas that are unprotected or that have already been damaged. The speed and ease of fixing make it the ideal choice, avoiding the necessity for expensive renovation work. The stainless steel skirting, provides a hygienic and cost effective protection from impact to walls. Very much suited to high traffic areas, such as airports, rail stations, and stadium. Available in 1.5mm, 2mm or 3mm sheet stainless, which can be optionally adhered to plywood.

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