Polymer Modified Screeds

Concrete SBR Screed – This is used most commonly where falls to drainage are required. The screed has an SBR Polymer additive which gives early strength and curing, meaning resin finishes can be applied in as little as 3 days.

Modified Sand and Cement Screeds – These are suitable for higher thicknesses and can contain modifiers and fibre reinforcement for increased strength, early curing and can be used with underfloor heating.

Cementitious Pump Screed

Can be used to give a high level of surface regularity to the sub-floor, ideal for use with the 2mm flow systems, these can range in thickness from 4mm to 45mm and large areas can be installed very quickly, and are compatible with both underfloor heating and resin flooring.

Coatings – (FerFa Types 1-4)

Provide a cost effective solution for sealing concrete floors. A variety of colours can be provided, which can be used for demarcation into zones and walkways.

Self Smoothing Systems – (FerFa Type 5)

Provide seamless, hygienic medium duty decorative finishes.

Flexible Polyurethane Systems – (FerFa Type 5)

Provides a seamless hygienic, medium duty, chemical resistant flexible floor finish, which provides a joint free finish which is ideal for clean rooms and laboratories.

Epoxy Screeds – (FerFa Type 6)

Medium to heavy duty highly decorative floor finishes, including decorative seamless.

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